Nurse on Duty

Today, I could not go to church because I had two down in my house this morning. Hubby started feeling bad last night and my daughter had been trying to fight it all week long but this morning, the stomach bug took her down through there! So I spent most of my morning going back and forth from room to room getting fluids and trying to keep them comfortable. Thank goodness they are starting to come around but I just want it to just GO AWAY! I have sprayed enough Lysol for a lifetime today. Although I wasn’t able to be there at church in the physical, I am thankful for my church family for checking on us because I truly did miss them today. Despite the bug, I am truly thankful to not have had the bug hit me and I was able to nurse them back to a better side…at least better than they were earlier….that bug is something serious!

While they have been on and off resting, I have had a little time to think and reflect on some things about how things have been transpiring lately. I am waiting on the last approval for my book, finally started working on my digital vision board, working on my next venture alongside the book, the people I have been connecting with and all kinds of things that I am so amazed at happening. I know that every step I take and every move I make is divinely guided or it wouldn’t even be possible for it to be possible….successfully. I know that there is so much more in store and it is going to blow my mind even more. I would often say that I couldn’t wait for something to happen but now I can. If I waited this long, a few more whatevers won’t hurt at all.

See, I have learned so much (and still learning) through this book process, that it brought about some other ideas and visions that I am working on. I have learned to ask more questions than normal so that I can be very knowledgeable of my craft. I am learning how to be even more creative with limited resources and to reach out for other resources. I am conducting business more than I ever have and than with any other venture I have tried to do. This is how I know that this was all God’s plan. It was Him who removed things in my life to make room for what I need to walk in my purpose. It was Him making all these connections with very little money in my pocket. It is Him that is opening these doors that no man can shut. I’m telling you that it is truly awesome!

So this Sunday may have been spent at home but it is still a truly divine day! So much more to come so I will be patient, stay focused and keep making boss moves!

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Saturday Vibes

Well, I spent this Saturday doing what I love: spending time with family, working on my cover and had a little QT with the hubby. This is what weekends are for. You go and go all week long and the weekend should be for relaxing and unwinding. Even Jesus took a day to rest. As I have gotten older, I have realized the importance of taking time out from the hustle and bustle of things and simply enjoy, even if it is doing absolutely nothing at all. That down time gives you some time to renew, rejuvenate and clear your mind for a minute. De-cluttering is very important when you are trying to grow and do things a little different.

You have to get out all of the junk in order to get the good stuff in there. You can’t move up in life when you have all this old stuff dragging you down. You can’t move in a different direction when you keep going back to the same old route. You can’t move into meeting new people who match your fly if you keep going back to the ones who sucked the life out of you. You simply can’t keep adding the old junk and expecting there to be room for what you need. You have alot of responsibility in creating and living your best life. I love this particular verse in the Bible that sums it all up. James 2:17 (AMP) says:

17 So too, faith, if it does not have works [to back it up], is by itself dead [inoperative and ineffective].

Not only must you have faith but you also have to put in work. You put in work in how you live your life. You put in work in how you treat people. You put in work when you are walking in your purpose. You put in work by reading and studying your Word. You put in what you want to get out. Simple as that. It may sound like alot but it is as simple as that.

So when you think of “Saturday Vibes”, think of relaxation, rejuvenation and casting off the week. The same energy that you put into worrying about this and that should be the same energy you could be putting into relaxing, releasing, re-prioritizing, de-cluttering and simply just refocus. If you don’t take time to gather yourself, you will never be yourself.

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Sometimes I sit back and think about where I once was and how far I’ve come. Tonight, I had a moment…

My baby girl is at her first Jr. High homecoming dance. She looked so beautiful and was so excited. I watched her walk in and thought about our beginning. I struggled as a single mom. I struggled financially and emotionally. We had our good times and bad but it was mostly because, truth be told, we were both trying to find our way. I wanted her to have the world. I wanted her to be way better than me. Tonight, I saw her growing and glowing. Tonight, I see that I did just fine.

When you feel like you haven’t progressed or feel like nothing is enough, just remember your story is not over and there is so much more to come…

That’s all I needed to say tonight. I’m in a moment of joy and I need to revel in it.

Be blessed!

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This had me thinking….

So yesterday, I was talking to my husband about the cover of my book. I was playing around with some templates and showed him a few and he made a profound opinion. It didn’t hit me again until I saw this post today

He was talking about this same exact thing. I have pondered this thought before but when he said it, it let me know that readers will possibly be thinking the same thing. Thanks hubby!

I now see why authors put as much thought into their cover as they do their content. The first thing you are going to see is the cover. That is what is going to catch their eyes first. This is the glimpse of what they are about to dive into. The cover has become part of the synopsis.

So as I am on this part of my book journey, I know that I must take it seriously and put as much effort into as I did writing the book itself. This is a lesson for anyone working on a book or any other project. Make every step of your work as important as this previous step, big or small. Every single part of the process is important because it is apart of the finished product. Don’t take it lightly. Stay tuned for more details….

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In design mode…

Guess what????? I have my final edit so I am now working on the cover!!!!!

Yes, this is happening! I am beyond excited and now we are at the fun part! This is me putting my face to the story. Showing the person behind the words. This is happening. I saw a quote today and I had to post it because it was for me in that moment:

I don’t know if you can completely understand how true this is for me. After alllllll these years of wanting, waiting, stopping, and fear up to this point where I got serious about my life and my purpose. It seemed like it was never going to happen. It seemed like it was a pipe dream and that I wasn’t built for this but guess what???? THIS IS HAPPENING! I have said it before and will say it again….AND YOU HAVE FRONT ROW SEATS!

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You never know…

Someone took their life today….

There are some people who are really out here hurting. You see their smiles and it seems like they have it all together. But truth is, they are hurting. They are dealing with some hurt that one couldn’t imagine. That is why you have to be careful how you treat people because what you say or do could be the breaking point.

It costs nothing to be kind. It costs nothing to say hello and ask how they are doing. Sometimes all they need is an ear. A shoulder to lean on. And sometimes, they just need to know they are not alone.

So many people have been silenced to shame, guilt, embarrassment for one reason or another. It can come from sexual, physical, emotional or verbal abuse. There are traumas that could be lying deep within. They have been hidden so long that the hurt and pain manifests itself in other areas of their life. People may think it’s crazy or ridiculous while for them it is turmoil and they are doing the best they can.

So instead of pointing fingers, judging and talking about them…talk to them. That may be the one conversation they have been waiting to have all their life.

Somebody needed to hear this today.

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Pray vs Prey

They sound alike but have totally different meanings. Praying is what you can do for someone but preying is what you do to someone. One thing is for sure, they can happen without you even knowing it.

So many times in my life, I have been viewed as the weak link. I would get chosen to do things because others didn’t want to and knew I would say yes. Folks would ask me to say something so I would be the one to take the fall and they could walk away from it scott free. People would say whatever and however they wanted to me because they knew I wouldn’t open my mouth to talk back. This was preying. I was being preyed upon because I came off needy. I came off as I would do whatever it took to be a part of the crowd. I came off needing to be validated by everyone. I came off as the weakest link because I took more than I should have. I was easy prey to pounce on. Take it from me, this is a terrible feeling and it will drain you of every fiber of life you have in your body.

When you are being preyed upon, it comes off as if the people who are doing it are your friends and they have your best interest at heart. They tell you that they have your back. They tell you that they will be there. However, every time your back is against the wall, they run. They want you to say and do what they are too afraid to say and do. They want to see what happens. If it’s good, then they want credit and will come out of the shadows to take credit. If it turns out bad, then they continue to hide and watch you grow down for everything without breathing a word. That is not a friend. That is a cowardly predator.

It took me a long time to stop being prey and getting preyed upon. It took speaking up for myself and setting boundaries. It took finally realizing that I need to stop accepting less than what I deserve. I started respecting myself and learned to say no. Most importantly, it took me learning the power of prayer. I learned to pray for myself and begin drawing people who would pray with me and for me. I am free from successfully being preyed upon.

You have to know the difference! Speak it loud and clear: YOU ARE NOT THE WEAKEST LINK AND YOU ARE NOBODY’S FOOL! They can try you all they want but it won’t work. Let people do their own dirty work. Throw a hard “NO” at them.

You deserve respect. You deserve to be treated properly. You are worthy. You are not taking anything less that what you require. You do not have time for the foolery.

Pray for yourself. Pray for them. Never prey on anyone.

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